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Team Building

Carol Joy Holling Center invites you to come experience the fun of working together as a team. Our team building programs will not only bring new energy to your team, they will provide an opportunity to intentionally work on developing and advancing your team’s skills. Working through the challenges together will develop the skills of trust, communication, co-operation and collaboration.

There are different program options to choose from depending on the goals and abilities of your group. Although all the options are uniquely different, all options are similar in that they offer participants challenges and excitement in a controlled, safe environment with trained facilitators.

TownHall Indoor Elements
Commitment Ropes Course
Summit Ropes Course

Program Options

Team Building Initiatives: for groups of all size and all ages (1st grade and older). Groups will do activities such as:

  • Gutter Ball

  • Bull Ring

  • Calculator

  • Trollies

  • The Grid

Low Ropes Challenge Course: For groups of all sizes and all ages (1st grade and older). Groups will do low elements such as:

  • Spiders Web

  • Trust Fall

  • Team Wall

  • All Aboard

  • Full House


Town Hall Challenge Elements: For 7th grade and older. This program will challenge participants on three of our four town hall high elements:

  • Flying Squirrel

  • Levitation Platform

  • Power Perch/

Commitment Trail High Ropes Course: For 7th grade and older. Groups will be challenged both individually and as a group at over 40 feet in the air. Challenges such as:

  • Cargo Net

  • Double Zipline

  • Wild Woozey

  • Horizontal Crisscross

  • Pipeline Transfer

Summit High Ropes Course: For 1st grade and older. This program will challenge participants on individual climbing and crossing challenges such as:

  • Vertical Playpen

  • Climbing Wall

  • Floating Islands

  • Tube Net

  • Power Pole


Inquire about pricing.


If you would like to customize a team building session for your group, get rates, or make reservations please contact Dennis Pope by email at or by phone at 402-944-2544 ext. 639. Special pricing available for groups of over 20 people.

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