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Leaving the Workplace Behind to Plan and Rejuvenate

Remaining in the same work environment day after day can lead to complacency and decreased quality of work. In the office, it’s easy to lose focus of long-term goals and vision when there are a million things that need to be done. And with more and more team members working remotely, employee engagement is growing in importance. Pulling your team out of their normal working environment can reinvigorate their imagination, spark creativity, and can help an organization focus on specific goals, projects, and strategic planning.

According to LinkedIn, “When employees are in a relaxed but stimulating environment, it inspires creative thinking and knowledge sharing. Retreats help employees feel that their mental health is prioritized, which can make them more willing to contribute to the goals of the company and expend more energy.”

A change of scenery can inspire team members to look at problems from a fresh perspective, facilitating new ideas and allowing strategies to emerge.

Adding some relaxing activities to the schedule, like hiking or gathering around a fire pit, can help your team de-stress from work, enabling them to return to work with a refreshed frame of mind.

Whether you need a break from the mundane activity at the office or are launching a major project, business retreats are excellent initiators of productivity and community. Next time your company needs to recharge, consider a business retreat and host it at our Carol Joy Holling Retreat Center. From small and intimate to large and roomy, from high comfort to the rustic outdoors, we have got a space to suit your needs.

For space a bit more minimal and ‘rustic,’ ask about the Buckley Retreat Center located at Sullivan Hills Camp, near Lodgepole, Neb.

Leave the details to us, so you can focus on planning the meetings and activities that fill your time. We will help you accomplish your goals by providing the best hospitality possible. Our new chef, Max Harris is creating amazing and delicious meals for our guests.

Book your event today! Call Dana Jahn at 402-944-2544 or submit your inquiry online now.

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