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Outdoor Education at Carol Joy Holling Camp

How is your connection? No, we are not asking about your cellular connection. We are asking about your connection to the natural world and to the communities of people around us.

Camp has long been a place set apart—a place where all are welcome to stop, pause, and reflect as we seek the deeper connections that bring us value and meaning in our lives.

By allowing the time, facilities, staffing, and space, our hope is that the outdoor education programs we offer help those we serve connect and grow in their understanding of both our natural environment and with the community groups we associate with.

We know there is value in pausing at the night sky, in hearing the joyful singing of a songbird, or observing the subtle clues in the changing of the season.

We also recognize that there is meaning in having fun with our teams, families, and groups; that growing together in trust and cooperation only helps deepen the bonds of our

teams and communities.

The options and choices of outdoor education activities at Carol Joy Holling Center vary greatly.

Some school groups choose to come for multiple days and get their hands dirty while exploring the lake, prairie, and forest. Some athletic teams choose to take their skills to the next level on our high ropes team challenge course. Youth groups enjoy working together as a group as they work to complete the activities on the low ropes course. Some family groups want to provide a fun experience while watching different generations have fun together and ride a zip line. Some businesses simply want to provide a fun bonding experience while walking the beautiful camp property with our geocaching program.

Although there are many differences in the options of what a group might choose, we hope the result is always the same: a greater connection to their environment, communities, and world.

What outdoor adventure would you like to have? Reach out to Dennis at

or 402-944-2544 to schedule your time to connect.

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