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The Power of Connection: Why Team Building Programs are Essential

According to, team building is "the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team.”

It’s aimed at helping people work together more collaboratively in order to improve communication and performance in the workplace, as well as to help a team more effectively meet their goals.

So, why should you take the time for it? There are important reasons to take time away from day-to-day organizational activity for team building.

In addition to improving team effectiveness, it helps to develop a more welcoming and encouraging company culture, leading to improved employee retention. In addition, productivity often increases when team members feel connected to others at work, and they will become more likely to ask for help from co-workers when they need it.

According to Jeremy Sutton in, goals for team building need to be developed for each specific team, but with an overarching organizational focus. He indicates that common goals include:

  • Opportunity for team members to become better acquainted

  • Understanding strengths of individuals and how each best contributes to the team

  • Coming together through shared goals and vision

  • Enhancing the performance of the team

Your focus on team building is going to work best if you leave the office behind and get away!

It’s hard not to be thinking about that to-do list on your desk and emails that need to be answered if you stay in the work environment.

A change in setting stimulates the brain, so a change in environment will likely help your team be more creative.

Even better … get outside!

On, Jamie Birt states that if you get outdoors your team will benefit. “Spending time outside can improve your mood and ease feelings of stress and burnout. Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air during team-building activities allows your team to relax and recharge.”

Successful team building can have many positive outcomes for your business and organization, so put it on your list of goals for the year, and begin your planning.

If you need some assistance with the location and/or activities, our team invites you to come to us and let us help! At Sullivan Hills Camp or Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat Center, our team-building programs will not only bring new energy to your team, but they will also provide an opportunity to work on developing and advancing your team’s skills.

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