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Dancing, Connecting, Growing at the High School Retreat

Updated: Feb 27

If I could only use one word to describe the High School Retreat, it would be impactful.

All campers and staff felt the impact during this retreat. We laughed, cried, danced, connected, and grew as individuals and a community.

We connected over slime-making, playing games, and encouraging each other on the

indoor ropes course.

However, the real impact and connection came during Bible study and a prayer station worship. Everyone was truly able to let their guard down and one hundred percent be themselves and feel the love of God pouring out of each other.

One camper wrote on our praise wall, “Thank you for reminding me what being Christian

means. I lost it trying to do everything right. I can’t, that’s why I need You.”

Another camper told me, “This retreat was truly life-changing!”

I can’t wait to see this impact carried out through the High School Lock-in in March, summer camp, and throughout the rest of these campers’ lives.

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