• Dani Hatfield

Hobby Groups Find Home Away from Home at Carol Joy Holling Center

“I have been bringing my quilting groups to Carol Joy Holling Center for over 15 years. I have three groups that come in the Spring and Fall. The women love the chance to get together for fellowship, learning new ideas about quilting, as well as making a quilt top. Carol Joy Holling’s facility offers the perfect environment for all of the above as well as great food and a great place to spend a couple of nights. This fall the two quilts I offered were the Curvy Log Cabin and Storm at Sea.” - Sheila, Heart of Sewing Group

“The Nebraska Arborists Association has been using the CJH facility for about six years. The location is great, the facilities are wonderful, and the price is affordable. Plus, the staff at CJH have been very accommodating, regardless of our unique needs.” - Kevin Popken, President, Nebraska Arborists Association

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